Underage Avs Player Caught On Mic Talking About Vodka

Matt Duchene Tweeted It Was Joke Among Friends

A Colorado Avalanche player got caught on a live microphone at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition Saturday talking about vodka drinking.

Matt Duchene, 20, was one of several players wearing a microphone at the event while skating.

Duchene had just lost a speed competition when the announcers tried to ask him, "Matt, how are you feeling from that?"

Duchene apparently didn't hear the question from the announcers, but with his microphone up, he joked to fellow players, "All that vodka from last night."

The announcers tried to talk to Duchene again, but remarked "I don't think he can hear us."

In Duchene's hometown of Ontario, Canada, the drinking age is 19, but the All-Star events were in Raleigh, N.C.

Duchene turned 20 earlier this month.

The Avs All-Star forward tried to clarify his comment on Twitter.

"Heard I was pretty candid tonight, had no clue it'd be live like that," Duchene tweeted.

"Oh and btw, the vodka thing wasn't a personal thing, it was a joke amongst our group! Don't take it how I said it," Duchene tweeted two minutes later.

Duchene scored one goal in the All-Star Game Sunday.

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