Wyoming trio survive attack, robbery in Peru

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. - Three Jackson, Wyoming residents are working to return home from Peru after they were attacked by villagers a week ago.

Jennifer Wolfrom, brother, Joseph Wolfrom, and Joseph's wife,  Meghan Doherty,  told Peruvian authorities they were kidnapped, beaten, and robbed by villagers while on a climbing trip outside Cuzco, Peru on Dec. 29 and 30, the JHNewsandGuide.com reported.

"This situation has not only been extremely traumatic both mentally and physically, but has also become a huge financial burden for the three of us," Jennifer Wolfrom wrote on her blog site, Adventure Americas.

Joseph and Doherty had been traveling through Central and South America for nine months without incident when Jennifer Wolfrom joined the pair on Dec. 22.

After a few days in Cuzco, the three set out to hike in the Asungate Mountains.  Upon leaving the mountains, the group parked the truck near a bridge in the village of Palca.

Two men approached the trio and told them it would be OK to camp there, Wolfrom wrote in her blog. The men then blew whistles and used cellphones to alert other members of the village. The crowd then demanded official documents from the American tourists.

The family attempted to drive away, but ran into a series of roadblocks, according to Wolfrom's blog. The villagers then threw rocks at the truck. Wolfrom's jaw was cut, and Joseph's front teeth were knocked out.

"It very much seemed like a planned, organized attack with each of the villagers blowing whistles, signaling other villagers to come out and join the chase," Wolfrom wrote. "There were at least 30 people chasing us and throwing rocks at us at one point."

The three were then forced to return to the local village, where they were separated. They were each whipped with ropes and an estimated $10,695 in gear, clothing and documents taken from them.

The threesome was forced to sign a document stating that their injuries were the result of a drunken car crash. After reassuring the villagers that they would tell police the injuries were from an accident, four Policia National officers arrived  the next morning.

The three were taken by ambulance to a hospital in Ocongate, Peru, where they received 100 stitches between them, the Daily Mail reported from the UK.

"Right now we are all working towards several goals, with the highest priority being on our safety and health.  Jenny will be on a return flight home as soon as possible, and Jed and I too are looking to leave the country as soon as possible. We have yet to decide by what means this will be, but we will in no way go in a direction that we feel will jeopardize our safety.  There are many hoops we need to jump through before we get to that point.  I can say though, that we will be home sooner rather than later as originally planned," Wolfrom wrote Friday on her blog.

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