Three men may face charges after toppling rock formation at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah

GREEN RIVER, Utah - Authorities say three Boy Scout leaders could face felony charges after purposely knocking over an ancient Utah desert rock formation and posting a video of the incident online.

State parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg says the formation at Goblin Valley State Park is about 170 million years old. The park in central Utah is dotted with thousands of the eerie, mushroom shaped sandstone formations.

"We have now modified Goblin Valley," a man says laughingly in the video after singing "Wiggle it, just a little bit."

However, Glenn Taylor of Highland, Utah, says he knocked over the large boulder on top of the structure because it was loose and he thought it would fall and hurt someone.

"Some little kid was about ready to walk down here and die, Glenn saved his life by getting the boulder out of the way," the man says.

Taylor says he wishes he could take back his actions, but also says his conscience told him he did the right thing.

Swalberg says a county prosecutor and the state attorney general's office are investigating.

Many movie fans know the state park as the site of the alien planet in Galaxy Quest.

See the video for yourself. (Mobile link:

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