President Barack Obama arrives in South Africa for Nelson Mandela tribute

Watch coverage on ABC starting at 2 a.m. MT

CENTURION, South Africa - President Barack Obama has arrived in South Africa to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, the iconic leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner who died Thursday at age 95.

Obama will deliver a 20-minute speech during Tuesday's service in Johannesburg, where tens of thousands of South Africans and dozens of foreign dignitaries are expected to pack a sports stadium. Obama is expected to speak of Mandela's influence on South Africa and on his own life, while also reflecting on the complexity of Mandela's rise from anti-apartheid fighter and prisoner to president and global icon.

Obama, former President George W. Bush and their wives arrived Tuesday morning at a military base near Johannesburg after a 16-hour trip from Washington.

--ABC News is planning to break into regular programming to cover the service at approximately 2 a.m. Mountain Time.

--The White House will be streaming the service at 2 a.m. Mountain Time:

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