Powerball officials expect to sell 189 million tickets for Wednesday's half-a-billion dollar jackpot

Officials take extreme precautions to prepare

The people who run the Powerball lottery tell ABC News they expect to sell more than 105,000 two-dollar tickets every minute Wednesday.

That's at least 189-million tickets for the half a billion dollar jackpot.  That’s more than double the number of tickets sold for Saturday’s drawing where no one won.

“It's hard to even imagine how the tickets are selling because we're in this territory so rarely,” Carole Hedinger, Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery said. “It's the stratosphere of jackpots.”

Lottery officials say there is a 60 percent chance someone will hit the jackpot Wednesday.

At one outpost in Arizona, near the borders of two states where Powerball tickets aren't for sale,the line was endless with Californians and Nevadans trying to get in on the action.

“Oh, I'd say the line has to be like about three, three and a half hours,” one shopper said.

At the studio where the numbers will be drawn, there are cameras everywhere, spying on workers as they ready the machines. Lottery officials in several states, watch the feeds in real time, and anyone who enters or leaves the vault is documented. 

Workers who handle the lottery balls wear gloves, worried that human touch could change what numbers are drawn.

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