Plea deal withdrawn for gay Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt; prosecutors say Hunt texted underage victim

Hunt accused of sending naked pictures to victim

SEBASTIAN, Fla. - The plea deal that would keep Kaitlyn Hunt out of jail has been withdrawn, according to the victim's attorney.

Last week, the prosecution alleged Hunt has been sending thousands of text messages to the underage victim she's accused of having sexual relations with, including naked pictures.

Prosecutors also say Hunt's mother has been communicating with the victim -- telling her to delete the texts so no one would find out.

"The facts of this case are not unique," Bruce Colton, Indian River County State Attorney Bruce Colton told WPTV. "We've prosecuted cases involving adults having an unlawful relationship with a minor child in the past. We have had several of those. We have that somewhat regularly."

Charles Sullivan, attorney for the underage victim, told our partners at WPTV that the prosecution withdrew the plea deal offer in light of a violation of pretrial release.

Sullivan said the latest developments came as a shock.

"At a certain age, you're not able to make these decisions yourself. That's the reason the parents are involved. That's the reason the parents do not want the contact."

The judge said Hunt could have no contact with the underage victim. There was a hearing scheduled for Tuesday afternoon when a judge will decide whether to send Hunt back to jail because of the alleged violations.

On Friday, prosecutors said the deal was still on the table despite the violations. But now -- with no plea deal being offered Hunt is facing felony charges, jail time, and could become a registered sex offender if convicted.

A judge could order her arrest at any moment, but attorneys say it is highly unlikely she would be arrested before her hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Calls to the Hunt family and their attorney, Julia Graves, for comment have not been returned.

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