Oregon boys ages 7, 11 accused in attempted carjacking of 22-year-old woman

Portland police: Boys had a loaded gun

Two boys, ages 7 and 11 are accused of attempting to rob a woman with a loaded gun outside a church in Oregon.

Portland police say the boys tried to carjack the woman, who was waiting for her parents in the family's truck.

The woman, Ami Garrett says when the boys came to the car, the 7-year-old suggested that the 11-year-old show his gun.

When Garrett refused to give up the vehicle, the boys demanded her money and cell phone. As she drove away, Garrett says she saw the 11-year-old pull the gun from his pocket.

Police responded to reports of the boys with guns and they found the .22 caliber handgun in the older boy's pocket.

The boys could not be taken into juvenile custody because of their age but they were returned to their families.

Police are investigating how they got the gun and plan to turn the case over to the juvenile court system.

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