Lead flight attendant Yoon-hye Lee in Asiana Airlines Flight 214 hailed a hero

Passengers say Lee carried people twice her size

The lead flight attendant of the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed Saturday at San Francisco International Airport is being hailed as a hero.

Passengers said she helped many of them evacuate the burning plane and made sure nobody was left behind.

"I had to hurry, I couldn't think of danger to myself," Yoon-hye Lee told reporters during a news conference.

According to ABC News, some passengers reported seeing Lee carrying people on her back to safety – even those twice her size.

"She was so tiny and skinny, I couldn't believe how powerful, how strong she was," passenger Eugene Rah told ABC News. "She was helping other flight attendants and even outside of the plane ... [she was] just running around … without any fear, she was being brave."

The San Francisco Fire Chief described Lee as being composed after the crash, according to ABC News.

"She was a hero in my mind," said Fire Chief Joanne Hayes White.

To help a frightened child go down the slide, Lee put him on her back and got him out of the plane.

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