iPhone 5S and iOS 7 issues: 3 tips to fix problems with your Apple (AAPL) products

PHOENIX - Since the release of Apple's new operating system or iOS7, we've been hearing a lot about how the system drains the battery really quickly.

Complaints like this are common when there's a new rollout.

But since I haven't seen any official word from Apple, I asked you to let me know about your experience on Facebook.

"I hate it, the battery won't last," wrote Christy.

Joshua says, "It drains very fast and my phone heats up."

But Ed says, "I'm not having any battery drain at all. In fact it's just the opposite."
Some of you offered advice.  

Stephanie says, "My battery doesn't drain as long as I close open applications, especially the camera."

And Cyndy writes, "If you don't close your apps that are running in the background, it is going to drain your battery. "

I found folks on tech blogs offering the same advice -- turn off apps you aren't using.
These may include:

-- The 3D home screen wallpaper that is standard with the new iOS

-- "Background app refresh," because it automatically refreshes and updates apps even when you aren't using them

-- Location services

-- Wi-Fi searching
And don't forget the oldie but goodie, dim the screen.

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