Indiana couple accused of beating their 3-month-old daughter, causing her to go blind

GREENFIELD, Ind. - An Indiana couple is facing charges after police said they beat their daughter so badly that the 3-month-old went blind.

Michael Knott, 26, and Andie Suddarth, 23, of Greenfield, were charged with felony neglect last Friday, authorities said.

Police said the infant suffered brain bleeding and retinal hemorrhaging after an incident in March. Doctors said she had other injuries that indicated ongoing abuse.

Prosecutors said doctors found the injuries consistent with shaking the child or slamming her down on a soft surface.

An investigator on the case said this is a very complex situation.

"These are oftentimes difficult cases for us to investigate. The victim is obviously way too young to tell us what happened, so we have to rely heavily on expert testimony and expert advice of the doctors," said Jeff Rasche with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department.

Police said it was Knott's mother who called 911 when she noticed the 3-month-old girl was having health problems.

Officials said the little girl is currently being cared for by a relative and will likely have lifelong health problems because of the abuse.

Prosecutors are expected to issue a no-contact order between the child and her parents.

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