Indianapolis Police: Child shot by sister, not drive-by

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis Metro Police Department officials are now saying a child shot Saturday night was injured by his sister, not a drive-by as previously reported.

Lt. Christopher Bailey said that detectives now believe the 11-year-old victim was shot by his 13-year-old sister, and that the story about a drive-by was a cover up.

Bailey said police do not believe the shooting was intentional, though they are investigating the incident.

The shooting victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

In the police report that was released Sunday, IMPD said a girl told officers that she and her two brothers (one of whom was the shooting victim) were walking into their home in the area when she heard a gunshot. She said she saw one of her brothers had been shot in the forearm.

The girl told officers they ran around the corner to a neighbor's home to call police. She later told officers all she heard was the gunshot, and that she hadn't been able to get a good glimpse of the car that drove away after it took off from her street.

IMPD has not released information on whether charges will be filed.

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