Florida teen accused of choking newborn to death re-enacts scene for detectives

Teen charged as adult in disturbing case

LAKELAND, Fla. - In her own words, the 14-year-old Florida girl accused of strangling her newborn baby to death explains why and how she did it.

It’s part of new evidence the state released on Friday in the capital murder case against Cassidy Goodson of Lakeland, Scripps station ABC Action News reported.

The evidence includes a stunning step-by-step re-enactment for investigators inside the home where the birth and death occurred, according to the sheriff’s office.

In the video reenactment, detectives had the girl demonstrate using a Santa Claus doll in place of the baby.

Goodson remained calm and composed as she relived the painful September morning when she secretly gave birth.  She said she pried the baby out with a pair of scissors. 

“I picked the baby up and turned it around,” said the soft-spoken teen as she demonstrated to investigators what happened.

“Its eyes weren’t open but I felt to see if it was breathing or not, and (it was breathing) so I put my hands around its throat to make it stop breathing,” Goodson said.

She told detectives she choked the baby for about one minute.

That’s all it took.

“How hard did you squeeze?” one detective asked.

“Enough for it to stop breathing,” she replied.

Her blatant admission helped turn the baby’s death into a capital murder case against the girl who gave birth to him.

Goodson said she did not have a plan ready after she killed the baby. She placed the baby’s lifeless body in a shoebox in her room.

Her mother later found the body when she noticed a foul odor in the girl's closet.  That's when she called police.

The state is charging Goodson as an adult for murder, which means if convicted she could get life in prison but it’s unlikely given her age, the station reported.

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