Dispatcher who kept teen calm during home invasion praises girl's bravery, composure

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - As home-invasion burglars ransacked a Southern California home, a 15-year-old girl crouched in her mother's closet whispering to a 911 dispatcher. That dispatcher, Angie Rivera, praised the teenager for her composure and her bravery.

"She did a really good job. She stayed quiet, she handled it remarkably," said Rivera, who was back at work one day after the ordeal.

Rivera was on duty Tuesday afternoon when she took Doyin Oladipupo's terrifying call. Three men had climbed through a window and were headed upstairs.

"I just wanted her to be quiet and calm, just stay still, and I was just trying to be the reassuring voice for her," Rivera told our Scripps sister station KGTV.

The situation quickly worsened. Rivera told 10News.com she could hear the burglars' voices as they entered the closet, just inches from where the teen hid.

"You know, when we take these calls, we don't know how they're going to end," said Rivera. "At at any moment they could have found her and it could have been a completely different call."

Fortunately, the three burglars didn't see Oladipupo, who sat motionless in the closet.

As the burglars left the house, Chula Vista police officers surrounded them.

"I won't lie. I did shed a couple of tears, just with the adrenalin, the release, just knowing that she was safe," said Rivera, who is the mother of a 15-year old.

Rivera called it a stressful situation for everyone, but said the real praise goes to Oladipupo.

"She has great composure. She had complete control of the situation. She did everything right," said Rivera.

-- Man pleads not guilty in Chula Vista home burglary --

Robin Sadik, 18, of El Cajon, pleaded not guilty to burglary and other charges Thursday in connection with the incident at Oladipupo's home.

Sadik was also charged with receiving stolen property, auto theft and giving false information to police, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Police said Sadik and two 17-year-old boys, whose names were withheld because they are minors, were caught loading filched property into a nearby vehicle when officers arrived at Oladipupo's house.

The girl identified the stolen items, and the three suspects were arrested, Chula Vista police Capt. Gary Wedge said. The minors were taken to juvenile hall.

"The suspects have likely participated in other burglaries in the area, as other stolen property was found in the vehicle," Wedge said. "The vehicle was also determined to (have been) stolen in El Cajon within the previous week."

Bail for Sadik was set at $145,000.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of seven years and four months, prosecutors said.

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