Carnival Triumph breaks free from moorings during high winds in Mobile, Alabama

The Carnival Triumph, the ship that broke down at sea in February, has had another mishap. Pushed by powerful winds, the ship broke free from its moorings at the port of Mobile, Alabama Wednesday.

The ship drifted across the shipyard. WKRG-TV reported it had a hole in the stern.

The Associated Press reports that tug boats were used to stabilize the ship and that it was secured by 5 p.m. local time.

Nearby, two men were in a guard shack that was also blown into the river. The AP reports one man was recovered from the water but another was still missing.

The missing man is a BAE Systems employee.

The Triumph was disabled on February 10 by an engine fire while in the Gulf of Mexico. In what became known as the "cruise from hell," the thousands of passengers aboard spent several days with electrical and plumbing problems that resulted in sewage backing up into the hallways.

It was towed slowly back to dock in Alabama and empty is passengers before being towed to the shipyard for repairs.

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