Canadian hospitals discover watered-down chemotherapy drugs; couple looks for answers

ONTARIO, Canada - Canadian hospitals discovered this week that their chemotherapy drugs were watered down with too much saline.

Hospitals in Ontario have contacted nearly a thousand people since the discovery, including a couple who each received the diluted medicine.

Pam Wooder and Greg Lee are among those who received Chemo therapy at Ontario’s London Health Science Center.

Each of them was diagnosed with cancer a few months into their relationship. Wooder was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Lee was told he has a tumor the size of an orange between his lungs and heart.

The couple found out Thursday that the Chemotherapy treatments they had been receiving were diluted with too much saline. Wooder and Lee say they are trying to remain positive.

"It's shocking because in this day in age these things shouldn't happen,” Wooder said.

Wooder and Lee haven’t been able to speak with their oncologists yet about what the watered-down medicine could mean for them. Regardless, the couple says they want answers.

Ontario authorities say they will launch an investigation into the matter.

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