Aunt of Gina DeJesus: 'If you don't believe in miracles, I suggest you think again'

3 women and 1 child found in Cleveland home Monday

CLEVELAND - Can you imagine your loved one missing for a day? A week? For the family of Gina DeJesus, they've waited 10 years to see her alive again.

Elated, grateful, miraculous are only a few words to describe how the DeJesus' and families of Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight must feel after their loved ones were rescued from a house of horrors on Seymour Avenue early Monday night. A house only blocks away from where the women were abducted.

"Support our family by not crowding us. We promise, at the right time, we will give you all the information you can have,” said Sandra Ruiz, the aunt of DeJesus.

Strong in her faith, Ruiz said God works in mysterious ways. Her family never gave up hope.

"It’s unbelievable. These girls, these women, are strong. Stronger than I am."

Ruiz caught herself calling the women girls at first because that's how young they were when they were last seen. Seeing God work through the women is something that made Ruiz smile.

"They all have a positive attitude. We need to still be a family, watch out for all kids. Watch who your neighbor is. God has blessed us by bringing all three of those girls back."

Two weeks in a row, Ruiz said she'd been feeling God's hand on her heart, guiding her direction saying she had been given signs.

"Yesterday I said I was leaving work early, at 5 p.m. Not even as I got into my driveway, people were telling me 'go down there!' I kinda knew right then and there. God is looking out for us."

To Ruiz, it's all come full circle, as Monday was the anniversary of her mother's death 10 years ago.

"If you don’t believe in miracles, I suggest you think again."

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