'Apocalypse pilgrims' claim mountain in France is only place to be when world ends on December 21

Rumor claims an alien spaceship is hidden inside

Hundreds of pilgrims are expected to visit a remote mountain village in France on Dec. 21, hoping to survive the doomsday prophesies.

"I don't have all the elements. I don't know what will happen and I don't how it will happen. I think it has to do with the alignment of the planets with the sun, " said Ludovic Broquet, an "Apocalypse pilgrim."

The peak of Bugarach mountain in the Pyrenees on December 21, 2012, the only place of escape from the end of the world predictions, according to the Mayan calendar.

According to a 2010 online rumour, the Bugarach mountain near the border between France and Andorra, is the hiding place an alien spaceship.

"When I am first came here one could climb the peak and see nobody all day.  Now it's like, pass by the right, pass by the left, and I think it might have destroyed some things that were there before," said Valerie Austin, a retired British resident.

Now village authorities are taking action to control the crowds.

"We will prohibit access to the top of the mountain, at least to the steepest part. For the rest, we will only control access to the village because we do not want to be in a total ban system so according to how big the crowd is, we will control the flow (of population)," said Eric Freysselinard, Regional prefect. "If as we expect, there are only a few hundred of people, we will give people free access to the village."