Ambulance "booted" while responding to emergency call

The Quicky's convenience store in New Orleans takes its parking lot rules seriously. 

New Orleans paramedics rushed inside the store for a man with a life-threatening medical issue. 

They worked on the patient, put him inside the ambulance and started to speed off when they heard a loud noise.

They got out of the ambulance to see a boot on one of the tires.  Allegedly an employee of the store came out and booted the ambulance because it was not parked properly in their lot.

 A sign in the lot says you could be booted if you leave the property, and when the boot was removed the tire was flat, causing a delay in transporting the patient because another ambulance had to be called.

The convenience store worker got the boot himself.

According to Quicky's, he has been fired and police gave him a citation for criminal damage to property.


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