Which Facebook friends make you the happiest? Time Magazine program finds out

DENVER - Which of your Facebook friends make you the happiest?

Time Magazine has created a program that searches your Facebook feed to determine which friends have the most posts with a positive or negative word in them. Then it ranks your friends by who is the happiest.

"Research suggests that the emotions shared in friends’ Facebook posts have a real, measurable effect on the sentiment of our own status messages," Time Magazine wrote.

They believe the interactive shows whose updates are boosting your mood the most.

For any given status, it compares each word in that status to a list of hundreds of positive words, like hilarious and thoughtful, and hundreds of negatives words, like disaster and pathetic. While it is blind to context and does not understand sarcasm, this method has been empirically shown to correlate to the emotional content of a written message, Time said.

We say while this is far from scientific, it is fun.

Learn more and check it out for yourself: http://time.com/58386/happiest-facebook-friends/

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