WATCH: Virgin America flight attendant's gyrating pre-flight safety dance entertains, informs

DENVER - Flying first class may have its privileges, but one Virgin America flight attendant is making it fun to fly for all passengers by providing some entertainment during the pre-flight safety instructions.

In a video posted to Facebook by Jessica Elkus, the gyrating flight attendant is shown matching every move in Virgin's new "Safety Dance" video, and then some, to the delight and applause of the buckled-in passengers.

Not looking to limit his performance to the luxury view of first class, the flight attendant also slithers, leaps and shakes down the aisle into coach with oxygen mask or life vest in hand.

It's unlikely that anyone will remember a single word mentioned in the required FAA briefing, but no one will ever forget how a little bit of fun at work, mixed in with some jazz hands, translated into a flying split between the aisles -- all in the name of safety.

Watch the video below (mobile users: 



Watch the Virgin America's Safety Video "VXsafetydance" (mobile users:

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