WATCH: Staind frontman Aaron Lewis goes off on audience he saw 'molesting' crowd-surfer

WARNING: Video contains strong language

Frontman Aaron Lewis, of the rock band Staind, did not hold back at a Kansas City concert last weekend when he saw people in the crowd groping a crowd surfing girl.

"Listen up you (expletives),that (expletive) girl right there is like 15 (expletive) years old and you (expletive) pieces of (expletive) are molesting her while she's on the (expletive) crowd," he said. "Your (expletive) mothers should be ashamed of themselves."

Lewis continued:

"You should all be (expletive) beaten down by everyone around you for being (expletive) pieces of (expletive)."

He then addressed the females in the audience: "Now girls, feel free to crowd-surf safely," and the band finished the song without further incident.

See the unedited rant below (WARNING: Contains Strong Language):

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