WATCH: Lightning strikes moving truck in Canada, engulfs it in fireball with couple inside

A surveillance camera in Edmonton, Canada, caught a terrifying moment on video when a lightning bolt hit a moving truck with a couple inside.

The lightning strike was so intense it set off all six airbags inside and enveloped the truck in a fireball, burning two craters into the roadway.

The couple, Al and Betty Perry, told Canada's CTV the strike sounded like a "sonic boom."

The Perry's said they were trapped inside as smoke filled the truck.

"It's an awful feeling to have. I saw our lives passing in front of our eyes," Al Perry said. "I turned my body and put my 2 feet up against the window and tried to kick the window out. I can't tell you how many times I tried and tried and tried."

They were rescued by an officer who saw the incident and drove up upon the scene.

The couple said they are lucky to be alive.

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