WATCH: Goliath grouper caught on video devouring 4-foot shark in one big bite

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - Some fishermen on Florida’s Gulf Coast caught some incredible video during a recent trip on the water.

The video shows a Goliath grouper eating a 4-foot black tip shark in one-big gulp!

The video was taken off Bonita Springs in Southwest Florida, and has more than two million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on Tuesday.

Right before the attack, you see the shark and grouper circling each other.  When the shark gets hooked on the line, the grouper goes in for the kill.

"Groupers are opportunity feeders," Baryl Martin, spokesperson at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told ABC News. "They can grow up to 800 pounds."

"They are large predators and they eat large pray," Martin said. "They can appear anywhere from 10 feet under the water to much deeper."

Watch the full video below:

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