What's Trending: Strange and unusual vodka flavors for Peanut Butter and Jelly to Fresh Cut Grass

Vodka flavors nobody asked for

Believe it or not, there's a new Cinnabon Vodka, combining the ever-popular grain alcohol with the irresistible aroma of a food court . 

The list of vodka flavors nobody asked for is long and awesome. 
Paul Beidler, Bar Manager at The Vig, says there's almost a new flavored vodka every week, including:
  • PB&J Vodka
  • Sorbet Vodka
  • Cotton Candy Vodka
  • Cucumber Vodka
  • Cinnabon Vodka
  • Fresh Cut Grass Vodka
  • Wasabi Vodka
  • Salty Caramel Popcorn Vodka
  • Bubble Gum Vodka
  • Soda Vodka
  • Cake Vodka 
Paul even gave us a couple fun drink recipes:

--Modified Nuts & Berries

3/4oz Pb&J vodka

3/4oz Baileys

3/4oz Chambord

All shaken and served on the Rocks

-- Lemon Light Sorbet Martini

1 1/2oz Lemon Sorbet Smirnoff light Vodka

1/2 oz Fresh lemon juice 

1/2 oz Agave nectar

1/4 oz of cream 

Shake on ice and serve as a martini.

Possible garnishes: lemon twist or a spot of whipped cream.

Teresa loves these two recipes, too!  

--Key Lime Pie Martini

Just add lime juice, half and half, simple syrup and melon liqueor, top with a dollop of actual whipped cream.

This flavor makes our list because it helped us invent our own drink - you ready?

--Skinny Grown Up Root Beer Float

2 oz. Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
4. oz Diet root beer

Haven't tried it yet. Please try it and get back to me. And drink responsibly. Duh.

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