SPOOF VIDEO: Will Coke's 'Social Media Guard' help you reconnect with the world?

New ad promotes Coke-themed red cone of shame

DENVER - Looking for a cure for social media addiction? Then the new Social Media Guard may just help you reconnect with the world -- one plastic pet cone at a time.

In a spoof video posted to YouTube purporting to be from Coke, the ad pokes fun at people who tune out and stare down at their phones to obsessively engage in social media by offering a red Coke-themed cone of shame -- worn by dogs and cats to prevent them from licking themselves and their wounds -- to be placed over the head.

According to the video, the product is an effort to "take the social out of media and put it back into your life."

Complete with theme music from the film "2001: A Space Odyssey," the video suggests that users of the Social Media Guard may be restricted from social media use, but the cone does allow enough range of motion to see friends and family, watch a sunset and "Enjoy an ice-cold Coke."

Watch the video below (mobile users: http://ch7ne.ws/1c9WDKR):

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