VIDEO: Ever wonder how a hamster eats a burrito? Watch in amazement as a cute critter inhales 2

DENVER - With a wide assortment of mega-burrito dining locations in Denver, the Mile High City may just have the market cornered on the best way to eat a giant meat-filled soft tortilla.

But have you ever wondered how other species in the animal kingdom would consume a burrito? 

In a comedy video posted to YouTube by HelloDenizen, that's already netted more than 860,000 views in a day, a tiny hamster is fed a pair of fresh burritos -- disproportionately large for an animal that size -- at a place setting for one.

However, it's the amazing way the hamster stuffs the burritos into its puffy jowls that may make this video the best thing on the Internet today -- or at least leave you wondering why you can't stop watching it.

Watch the adorable video below:

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