Arizona teachers crowd-sourcing for school supplies

GLENDALE, AZ - Teachers hard-pressed for basic supplies are turning to crowdsourcing to fund their classrooms.

Educators are reaching out on popular websites like,,, and

Teacher Amber Gould said it's an option many Arizona teachers have used to raise funds.

"I think a lot of teachers have gone that route," explained Gould. "It has been a great source for teachers to go in and use and make sure they have the supplies they need, for their classrooms."

Some districts, like Mesa Public Schools, encourage teachers to go online to ask for help. is a site dedicated to raising money for teachers and classrooms.

"Our state legislature doesn't tend to see teaching as a respected profession and I think that's what it comes down to," said Gould.

Some estimates show teachers, nationwide, spend more than a billion dollars of their own money on supplies for classrooms each year.




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