Told he had months to live, Dad Jon Loew records messages to his kids

NEW YORK - A New York dad who thought he had only two months to live recorded emotional messages for his children.

"It's important that you know that sometimes you have to say no, sometimes you have discipline your kids, even though sometimes you think I'm being mean, I'm actually teaching you how to be and how not to be, because as scary as it is, one day I won't be on this earth to protect you and guide you," Loew said in one of the videos.

Jon Loew suffered a violent reaction to an antibiotic in 2010, baffling doctors and causing permanent damage to his central nervous system.

“I was sitting there saying, 'I’m going to be dead in two months and my kids are 8 and 6,'” Loew told ABCNews. “'Who’s going to guide them? What questions will they have when they’re older?'”

So Loew began recording videos he wanted his kids to see in the future -- answering questions he thought they might one day have about life, work, marriage and parenting.

"I hope that you can see in my eyes how much I love you and will always love you," Loew said in a video.

Then, Loew survived. Doctors finally linked his symptoms to the antibiotic and prescribed medication and physical therapy to revitalize him, he said.

Loew decided to continue making the videos for his wife and two children and launched KeepTree, which allows other people to make videos they want to send to someone later in life.

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