The most amazing used car ad you'll ever see

SYDNEY, Australia - An Australian man's used car video is about to go viral on social media.

David Johns, of Australia, wanted to sell his 1999 Holden Barina hatchback.  Instead of placing an ad in the classifieds, Johns came up with a novel solution. He made an slick, professionally-produced, "new car" video about his used car, with the help of co-workers at the ad agency he works for.

On Sunday, he posted the video on Youtube, with these comments:

"I'm trying to sell my awesome little car. It's a 1999 Holden Barina. Its not in great condition, but its still a fun little car. Tweet me an offer using the hashtag #buymybarina. I've also set up a little site for it . You can read all about it on there. Thanks to my mates at Chimney Group for helping me out with it."

The video and website extols "matching seats" and "front and rear tyres."  Who could refuse that?

"This is driving, redefined," the video states. "20th Century Tech. Style redefined. Performance redefined. Luxury redefined."

Mock offers were coming in on his Twitter site, including "A crisp $20 note and 3 mint tic tacs."  Another tweeted "I'll give you a Britney Spears CD and a stale pop tart."

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