Sports bet goes wrong; husband arrested after using stun gun on his wife after winning bet

MAYFIELD, Wisc. - A married couple’s bet on a NFL football game goes wrong leading to the husband’s arrest.

Chicago Bears fan John Grant told police his wife, a Green Bay Packers fan, agreed to let him use a stun gun on her if the Bears beat the Packers on Monday Night Football. The Bears would go on to upset the Packers at Lambeau Field 27-20.

After watching the game at a bar in Mayfield, Wisconsin, the two stepped outside to settle the bet. With a friend recording on a cell phone, Grant used the stun gun on his wife on her back. But the wife didn’t find the bet amusing.

She called the police and officers arrested the husband after she denied consenting to be shocked. Police saw the video and determined that she clearly did agree to the bet.

But even though police came to that conclusion, the husband was still charged with felony possession of an electric weapon, which is illegal in Wisconsin.

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