Schools across the nation are banning yoga pants

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's happening across the nation. Some schools are adding tight pants such as yoga pants, jeggings and leggings to the list of items against the dress code. It is happening at schools in Massachusetts, North Dakota, and Illinois.

One Montana lawmaker went as far to calling yoga pants 'provocative,' and even pushed a bill to make wearing the pants illegal in his state. However, this proposed bill was later tossed by a legislative panel.

In Kern County, California, residents seemed more relaxed.

"I think people overreact," said Joseph Shaver.

Shaver goes on to explain that he understands why they're so common.

"Maybe people just don't have time to come home and change... so they do everything right after they get out of this gym," Shaver said.

Tehachapi resident Cherie Rousell disagrees. She says that yoga pants should not be worn in public and that there's a time and place for the attire.

"At any age they should not wear them out in public," said Rousell.

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While it's been banned at some schools, the Kern High School District has no plans to follow suit. The district has a general school dress code policy that prohibits disruptive clothing, inappropriate slogans or illustrations, revealing attire and dangerous or unsafe apparel. 

It's a policy that some believe should be left to the students discretion.

"Jeggings... it's the rage. Maybe if we trust our kids more than they would make better decisions," said Jamie Kenagy.

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