Ohio police department warns community of disorderly turkey

STREETSBORO, Ohio - The Streetsboro, Ohio, police department had a little fun on its Facebook page with a turkey that was spotted roaming the area.

"Today the Streetsboro Police Department responded to Walgreens on a report of a turkey refusing to leave the area," the posting said. "The disorderly bird was informed that the pharmacy could not dispense anxiety medication without a prescription. Our gobbler friend proceeded to Mr. Hero, upon discovering that the restaurant was closed and the desire for a Roman burger could not be fulfilled it walked to the gun store. It is unclear if the intention was to obtain personal protection or something more sinister. Upon discovering National Armory was also closed our friend made its way to a less urban local. We wish our turkey friend the best of luck through the end of the month."

As far as we know, loitering charges have been filed.

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