New app created by MIT connects you with a stranger for 20 days

How would you like to get to know a stranger, without knowing exactly who they are?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is teaming up with another organization to create what could be the next big social app.

It's called 20 Day Stranger and the mobile experience -- as MIT calls it -- exchanges one person's world experience with another's while preserving anonymity on both sides.

So, once you downloaded the app, it would connect you with a stranger for 20 days.

The creators say you will never know who they are or where they are exactly -- but you'll see what they send you and vice versa.

The app was made to give people a glimpse at a wider world through a tiny window.

Now, this app is experimental, but if it sounds like something you'd like to try, you can apply on the app's website to participate.

Apply to participate HERE.

Watch video of the app:

20 Day Stranger from Playful Systems on Vimeo.

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