Monkey Baby Video: Indiana zoo has baby boom; welcomes 2 newborn colobus monkeys

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Indiana is celebrating a baby boom with the births of two colobus monkeys.

The monkeys were born within days of each other in late January. Zoo officials say both are doing well, with one of the mothers holding her baby so tightly that zookeepers haven't been able to determine its gender yet.

The zoo now has six colobus monkeys, including an adult male named Finnegan, the two mothers, Jibini and Wamblenica, and Jibini's 1-year-old daughter, Kaasidy.

The public will likely be able to see the newborns in the coming months inside the zoo's African Journey exhibit, zoo spokeswoman Cheryl Piropato told The Journal Gazette.

"The exhibit should be a lot of fun this summer," she said.

The adult pairings were recommended by a committee that helps zoos across the country manage endangered species such as the colobus monkey, Piropato said.

All the baby monkeys will likely not remain at the Fort Wayne zoo after reaching maturity, because adult male colobus monkeys don't live together in the same colony, she said.

Zoo officials said the colobus babies are born with all-white fur but develop a black-and-white pattern as they mature. The monkeys will reach between 18 and 30 pounds as adults.

Colobus monkeys are native to eastern and central African rain forests, and their survival is threatened by habitat destruction.

See video of one of the baby monkeys below (mobile users:

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