Denver Zoo welcomes Amur Leopard cub named Sochi

DENVER - Sochi, named for the upcoming winter Olympic games, is the newest member of an endangered species to be born at the Denver Zoo.

The cub was born on Dec. 3, but announced Thursday as he joined his mother in the zoo's Feline Building. He is the tenth Amur Leopard born at the zoo in 25 years.

Sochi's parents are named Dazma and Hari-Kari.

The extremely endangered species was once found in the wild from South Korea to north of the Chinese-Russian border, but are now nearly extinct due to poaching, loss of habitat and hunting. In fact, Amur leopards are considered the most endangered cats on the planet.

Sochi could grow to weigh about 120 pounds and measure up to eight or nine-feet-long from head to tail.

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