CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper hits, flips motorcycle and riders

Caution: Video may be disturbing to some viewers

NEW JASPER, Ohio - An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper rear-ended a motorcycle and it was all caught on dash-cam video.

The crash happened on Aug. 17 in New Jasper, in southern Ohio, NewsChannel5 reported.      

The motorcycle flipped several times and then dropped out of sight. (Watch video in player above)

The trooper activates his flashing lights and checks the front of his car, which caught fire.

Although the crash happened nearly a month ago, the video was just released by the Highway Patrol.

But the couple on the motorcycle talked about what happened.           

"I think I went off to the left side. I couldn't see her at all and we just slid and slid and slid. The only time it wouldn't hurt for two seconds is when my helmet would hit the ground," said Corey Waldman.

The couple credits their helmets for saving their lives.

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