Calif. shopper buys buys iPod, gets box full of erasers -- twice

2nd iPod opened by Target employees in store

MISSION BEACH, Calif. - All a California man wanted this Christmas was a new iPod for his wife.  He ended up with a box of erasers and it happened to him twice.

Jim Nevarde bought an iPod Classic for his wife at the Mira Mesa Target. However, when she opened it Christmas morning all she found was school erasers and index cards.

“About five of them fit exactly in the space where the iPod goes,” he said.

“It was a little strange,” stated Nevarde, who just spent $293 on the iPod and its warranty. “Obviously, somebody got in there and rewrapped it with shrink-wrap.”

He had to wait until Thursday to return the erasers and hope someone believed him.

“It is a crazy story,” Nevarde thought as he walked into a different Target store, this time in the Midway area.

“If we had a video camera on it when the outer-wrapping was undone, OK, we have a story but how does anyone know we didn’t put the erasers in there.”

The people in Target were cool and replaced his iPod. However this time, Nevarde had the clerk open the before he left the store.

“Sure enough, it’s full of erasers,” exclaimed Nevarde. “Different color erasers but it’s full of erasers again.”

Nevarde felt vindicated to find a second iPod box, at a different target, full of erasers.

“Oh yeah, because now I knew they have to believe me,” he said. “Either Target has an issue or Apple. Somebody in between has an issue with these.”

10News contacted Apple to see what was up with their iPods. They told us to talk to Target. Target emailed us a statement:

“At Target, we are committed to providing our guests with an outstanding shopping experience. We take this incident very seriously and worked directly with the guest to resolve the issue and make it right. We are looking into this incident and have no additional information to share.”

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