85-year-old woman outsmarts robbery suspect

INDIANAPOLIS - An 85-year-old Indiana woman outsmarted a neighbor who robbed her inside her home early Friday morning.

Matthew Ellis, 33, knocked on the door of Marion Duncan's east-side home just before 6:30 a.m.

Duncan said she thought it was her grandson who lives next door, but Ellis was apparently on a mission.

"When he came in I didn't know what he was going to do," Duncan said.

Ellis demanded all her money and took about $50 in cash. He didn’t think it was enough so he demanded her debit card.

Duncan gave him the card, but when he demanded her PIN, she gave him the wrong number.

Ellis told Duncan if the number was wrong, he would come back. He took her downstairs into the basement and told her to stay there.

Ellis then took her TV, put it in her car and stole the Cadillac.

Duncan managed to get out of the basement and went next door to her grandson’s house to call police.

"So I jumped in the van and started going to all the ATMs that were closest to the house," Duncan’s grandson Nathan Duncan said.

When Ellis got to the ATM at 25th Street and Sherman Drive, he tried to use Duncan’s card, but police nabbed him.

Ellis resisted, so police tased him and arrested him on multiple preliminary charges.

Duncan got her car, money, TV and ATM card back.

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