Toilet-themed restaurant debuts in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - At the Magic Restroom Café in Los Angeles, guests eat from toilet-shaped bowls while sitting on toilet seats.

The restaurant serves traditional Taiwanese cuisine, though the names of the dishes are not traditional, ABC News reports .

Some of the entrees have names that keep with the theme, such as "Smells-Like-Poop" (braised pork over rice), "Constipation" (Chinese dish made of wheat noodles topped with pork and stir-fried with zhajiang, a fermented soybean paste), "Black Poop" (chocolate sundae) and "Bloody Number Two" (vanilla-strawberry sundae).

"It looks really uncomfortable and sounds gimmicky, but I'd try it once, which is usually my rule with most new things, especially in Los Angeles, where we also dine in the dark and go to bars with flying midgets," David Beebe, a Los Angeles-based Digital Entertainment Executive and Producer, told ABC News.

Diana Luc, who works near Magic Restroom, told ABC News she is going to have lunch there with her co-worker this week.

"I would give the Magic Restroom a try, purely for the experience," she said. "However, this idea is hard to swallow, literally."

The restaurant is expected to draw local crowds of Taiwanese and Chinese decent, who are already familiar with the concept, because toilet-themed restaurants are already successful in parts of China and Taiwan.

"[Asians] just can't resist these gimmicky fads involving food," Tony Wei, an LA local of Taiwanese descent, told ABC News. "I, being Taiwanese, also can't resist said gimmicky fads. And I would definitely eat at this restaurant as I can't resist my people's food."