Toddler Killed Wandering On Highway

2-Year-Old Walked Down Driveway When Guardians Weren't Looking

A 2-year-old boy walked out of his family's home Thursday night and wandered on a nearby highway, where he was hit by a car and killed.

Colorado Springs police officers were called to Highway 24 and Garrett Road at about 9:30 p.m. They learned a young boy had been walking in the eastbound lanes of traffic of Highway 24 when he was struck by a car going more than 50mph.

The driver told police she did not see the child and had no idea what she struck. She immediately stopped and saw that she had hit a child, Colorado Springs police spokesman Sgt. Steve Noblitt said.

She then heard the screams of the boy's mother and another family member as they ran to the scene. The driver, the boy's guardians and others tried CPR, Noblitt said.

The toddler, identified as 2-year-old Jaydien Stroud, was rushed to a hospital, but he didn't survive.

Noblitt said the boy's death appears to be a "horrific tragedy." The driver was not speeding and not under the influence of alcohol nor drugs, police said.

Jaydien's mother and grandfather had just returned from grocery shopping when the boy wandered down the 200- to 300-foot driveway and onto the dark highway, according to police.

Officers said each of the adults thought the other one was watching Jaydien when he wandered off. Police said an early investigation concluded Jaydien's guardians were not at fault.

Investigators said it was a very dark evening and that stretch of highway can be very dark because there are no streetlights.