Toddler Drives Into Street Sign

Child Put The Car In Drive, It Rolled Into Nearby Sign

A toddler is in trouble after he "drove" a car and crashed into a street sign.

The boy, 2, was in a car with his grandmother in Colorado Springs Monday afternoon.

Police said the boy's grandmother was driving on Union Boulevard when she saw a single-vehicle accident. A woman had lost control, hit a power pole and rolled her car.

The grandmother jumped out of her car to help the woman, leaving her car running with her grandson inside.

KOAA-TV reported the toddler unbuckled his seat belt and put the car in drive. The car went a few feet, hit a street sign and stopped.

"I'm gonna have to keep this in his memory and let him remember as he grows up," the woman told KOAA-TV. "You drove the car one time, you're not driving again until you're 18."

No one was hurt in either accident.

Police said the toddler did not have a previous record.

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