Lose 2 pounds overnight

Dr. Caroline Apovian explains the overnight diet

Losing weight overnight is enough to make anyone cheer.  Lucky for you, the author of "The Overnight Diet" Dr. Caroline Apovian is very confident this diet can work for you.

"You have a one day power up where you're drinking delicious smoothies full of protein, fruits and vegetables.  You go to sleep and overnight you can lose up to two pounds.  The next day you feel fantastic," she said.

She says you need 8 hours of sleep, otherwise "your gut produces hunger hormones and the next day you are ravenous."  
Here are her 3 tips if you want to lose weight fast:
1: Get your protein
2: Get your 8 hours of sleep
3: Get 20 minutes of exercise in 4 days a week
She also recommends eating whole grain carbohydrates, and chowing down on fruits and veggies with each meal. 
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