Texas teen who mistakenly packed beer can instead of soda in school lunch is punished by school

Mom plans to appeal punishment again

A Texas mother said it was an honest mistake when her son packed a beer in his school lunch, but he is still facing punishment from the school.

Christi Seale told ABC station KTRK her son Chaz, 17, accidentally packed a beer can in his lunch instead of a soda can.

"He was in a hurry, running late. We were talking about school and he put it all together and took off for school," she told KTRK.

Seale said her son realized his mistake at school and gave the unopened beer to his teacher, who then reported it to the school principal.

The principal suspended Chaz for three days and assigned him to an alternative school for two months, though the time was later reduced to one month after Seale appealed the decision.

Seale said she still thinks the punishment is excessive, and she plans to appeal the decision again.

The school district issued the following statement to KTRK: "Livingston Independent School District follows the board approved Student Code of Conduct when dealing with student discipline."

KTRK adds that the school principal wrote a letter to Christi Seale explaining that the alternative school assignment is mandatory, though the length is up to the discretion of the office.

The letter also said Chaz Seale has no other disciplinary incidents on his record.