Target introduces online price matching to cut down on competition from Amazon, others

'Show rooming' trending among shoppers

Target has drawn a line in the sand with its online competitors by offering a price-match policy that can save shoppers a lot of money.

The store is trying to cut down on the trend of shoppers choosing an item in a brick-and-mortar store, then purchasing it online later at the lowest price.

It's called show rooming, and retail giant Target has put its bull's-eye directly on Experts say that no one has profited more from show rooming than Amazon.

"More times than not, I probably do it, just because I can go to a store and feel what it's like and if I can get a better price online, I'm going to do it," said shopper Steven Russell.

Target's announcement sends a clear message that Target views Amazon as a major competitor, and the smartphone has been a game-changer for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Retail experts from Purdue University said traditional stores know they're better off matching online pricing than losing a sale completely, and the saving for consumers can be huge.

"(It's a good deal) because then I can buy it in the store instead of having to order it online and then wait for it to come," said shopper Priscilla Johnson.

So everything shoppers see at Target now potentially has two prices -- the one listed and the one they'll match.

Retail experts at Purdue say to read the fine print, because some price-matching policies are restrictive and a slight difference in a product may disqualify it from a price match.

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