Tape: Karr Discussed JonBenet Slaying

California Woman Says Suspect Talked About Case

On Tuesday, ABC's "Good Morning America" aired the contents of audio tapes of John Karr and said they were recorded in 2001 by a woman who talked to him on the phone about the JonBenet case.

Wendy Hutchens talked with Karr as part of her work with a ministry that focuses on California prison inmates. She said Karr had contacted her as part of his research on Richard Allen Davis, who is on death row for kidnapping and murdering 12-year-old Polly Klaas.

On the tapes, aired by ABC and carried on 7NEWS, a man believed to be Karr discussed his thoughts about JonBenet and other young girls.

"She was just so incredible in life and so unreal in death. She's just so alive," the man said.

Hutchens said she recorded 20 hours of conversations with Karr and ABC News obtained one hour of the recordings. Hutchens said Karr alluded to the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

"How would that person apologize for such an atrocity? Would that person say, 'You know, I strangled your daughter and it was so accidental and I was so afraid and I was so absolutely afraid that I later just, I was she was breathing but she wasn't breathing and I felt her pulse and I felt a pulse, but I thought she was dead. So I just, I just bashed her in the head. How can you say that to a mother, or a father about this person that you're supposed to love so much?" the voice on the recording said.

Hutchens told ABC News that Karr referred to JonBenet Ramsey as "the other little girl."

"I can see through the eyes of the person who stopped the life of the other little girl. As easily as I can as if I did it myself," the man said on the recording.

He also said he wasn't involved in the killing.

"I'm just rambling, I'm sorry. Just, you know everything I say is just theory. It may or may not have ever happened."

The man had also said that he kissed some little girls on the mouth.

"They've actually, most of the time, initiated the kiss, but I've kissed little girls on the mouth," the voice on the recording said. "I've never French kissed a little girl in my life. But ... I've been kissed by them. I've held them. I've caressed them."

"The weird thing about being sexually attracted to a little girl," said the voice on the tape, "is that you really aren't going to have penetrated sex with that little girl ... I have held little girls in just about every way you can imagine. But I've never done any of those things that are textbook considered ... you know, a no-no kind of thing."

"They're so beautiful some of them ... just overwhelming, dripping with attractiveness."

According to Hutchens, Karr told her that he attended the 1996 Christmas Party that the Ramsey family held and was able to coax JonBenet downstairs the night of her death because she had already met him.

Hutchens said that Karr told her he was in Boulder because he was visiting his brother, who worked for JonBenet's father.

So far, Boulder investigators haven't said if they have placed Karr in Colorado at the time of JonBenet's killing.

A lawyer for Karr's relatives said that a photo has been located that shows Karr's three sons at a 1996 Christmas dinner gathering in Atlanta.

Lawyer Gary Harris said Karr's father, Wexford Karr, found the photo, and relatives are certain that if the sons were there, John Karr would have been, too. He told The Washington Post and The Denver Post that the photo is from 1996 because an infant pictured in it was born in December of that year.

"If he had flown to Colorado or somewhere at that time, they would have remembered it," Harris told The Washington Post.

Karr's ex-wife, Lara Knutson, has said he did not miss family Christmases. The couple lived in Alabama at the time.

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