Study: Men Slack Off More Than Women

U.S. Men Average 38 Minutes More Leisure Time Daily Than Women

Researchers have confirmed what wives have long suspected: Men slack off more than women.

Each day American men on average have an extra 38 minutes of leisure time compared to women in the United States, according to a study of Western countries by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

Over the year that adds up to 13,870 minutes -- or almost 10 days -- of extra time off for American men compared to the chores that women toil through on a given day.

But Italian men are the world's slacker kings. Italian men have an average of almost 80 minutes more leisure each day than Italian women do. That's double the U.S. level, according to the OECD.

What is the country where men and women (nearly) share the same load? Norway, where men on average have "only" 4 minutes of leisure daily more than women.

Here's the global results for the average extra daily leisure that men have compared to women:

  • Norway 4 minutes
  • New Zealand 16 minutes
  • Japan 20 minutes
  • Sweden 21 minutes
  • Germany 22 minutes
  • Canada 25 minutes
  • Finland 28 minutes
  • Australia 29 minutes
  • Turkey 32 minutes
  • United Kingdom 33 minutes
  • France 34 minutes
  • Korea 34 minutes
  • United States 38 minutes
  • Belgium 50 minutes
  • Spain 52 minutes
  • Mexico 52 minutes
  • Poland 56 minutes
  • Italy 79 minutes

    Source: Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development