Students Streak For Good Cause

Students Strip For Research, World Record

Students from Colorado State University attempted to set a new world record for streaking.

They stripped down on a cold Saturday night looking to find a place in the history books and to raise money for a good cause.

The students went streaking after Saturday's football game at CSU on a plot of privately-owned land near the stadium.

Before jogging around in the buff, they were encouraged to make donations toward cancer research.

"Being naked is like the lowest form you can go," said one female student. "We were born this way and (we're) going to end up this way."

"It's the kind of experience that 20 years from now, I'm going to be telling my kids," said a male student. "I was a part of something at college."

"I hope my mom's not watching because that would be really embarrassing," another female student said.

The students came up a little short of the world record but plan on trying again this time next year.

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