String of legal wins bolsters same-sex marriage

WASHINGTON - One after another, judges are declaring that it's too late to turn back on same-sex marriage.

The string of state and federal court rulings in support of gay and lesbian unions covers every region of the country. There are now 26 states where same-sex couples can get married or a judge has ruled they ought to be allowed.

Gay marriage may be at a legal tipping point. The cause has won such broad approval that it will be hard for the Supreme Court to rule against it.

All the rulings came after the Supreme Court decision last June that struck down part of a federal anti-gay marriage law. Judges have had no trouble extending that ruling to prohibit states from discriminating against same-sex couples who want to wed.


Nine same-sex couples in Colorado filed a lawsuit in February asking for marriage license for the five couples who are not married, and asking for marriage recognition for the four couples who were married in other states.

Eight years ago, voters banned gay marriage in the Colorado constitution.

The February lawsuit claims the gay marriage ban violates the U.S. Constitution.

Last year, state lawmakers passed a bill granting unmarried couples, both gay and heterosexual, the right to apply for a civil union. The bill took effect on May 1, 2013.

However, the lawsuit claims that's an unequal option.

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