Stowaway Cat Survives 3 Weeks In Cargo Of United Airplane

Cat Survives Extreme Dehydration, Starvation

A cat that was lost on a United Airlines flight three weeks ago after she escaped her cage was found in a cargo hold of the plane at Denver International Airport.

The orange cat, named Pumpkin, survived extreme dehydration and starvation along with very cold temperatures and was taken to Alameda East Vet Hospital, said vet spokeswoman Lauren Emily.

Pumpkin is in the intensive care unit but is expected to be OK, Emily said. She is being nursed back to health with baby food and a lot of water.

Pumpkin's owner, Andrea Barlow, is in Washington and said she can't believe her kitty survived. She said she plans to come to Colorado to get Pumpkin and take her home.

It is unknown just how many cities -- or countries for that matter -- Pumpkin visited during the three weeks she was traveling on the plane.

Barlow said she and Pumpkin left Manchester, U.K. on Dec. 28 and landed for a connecting flight in Munich, Germany. She said that is where she thinks Pumpkin escaped. When the plane landed in Washington D.C., the cage was there but no Pumpkin.

United Airlines workers searched the cargo hold for the cat but found nothing. Barlow said the plane then went on to Denver from Washington D.C. and then to Los Angeles before coming back to Denver. That's when Pumpkin made her appearance in the pressurized part of the cargo hold of the plane.

Barlow said she will fly Pumpkin back home -- in coach this time.

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