Staffers attacked in incident at Colorado's Florence ADX aka 'Supermax' prison

FLORENCE, Colo. - Three prison staff members were hurt Wednesday when an inmate went on an attack using a homemade weapon at the high-security federal facility in Florence known as Supermax, according to the Department of Justice.

All three staff members were taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment. However, officials said the victim's injuries were not life-threatening.

"The FBI has been notified and an investigation of the incident is underway," the Bureau of Prisons said in a news release.

The facility is officially called the Administrative Maximum (ADX) facility. It houses offenders requiring the tightest controls, according to the Bureau of Prisons.

The prison was opened in 1994 and houses about 500 male inmates. Residents include several well known bombers -- Sept.11 attack planner Zacarias Moussaoui, Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nicols, serial bombers Ted Kaczynski, 1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind Ramzi Yousef and shoe bomber Richard Reid.

The prison is located on State Highway 67, 90 miles south of Denver.

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